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I've entered NPR's Tiny Desk Contest!

You can click to see my tune "Sister" here: 

 Hey Yo!

Check out our two new tunes, streaming everywhere now HERE!

New Recording This Weekend!


Finally getting the band into the studio this coming Sunday to record two or three tunes.

We'll be recording at the Gradwell House in Haddon heights, NJ, a world class studio, right in our backyard. I've been in there several times to do shows and sit in with other friend's recording sessions, so we're all looking forward to working with those folks.

Projects Still Developing


Having been working steadily during this pandemic as I'm considered "essential" on two fronts, I've sort of kept from going stir crazy by writing a bunch, but even more so, finishing up bits and pieces of tunes that have been sitting on paper or in my head for months, years, or decades.

I have two projects that present challenges in their own right.

A single we're calling "Sun Session"

has a couple tunes we recorded at Sun Studios in Memphis. What an experience!

The electricity in the room was palpable, as we were in awe to stand where giants once did! Thanks to Furie Magill for coming from Austin to do drums, and from Chi-town, Josh Bradshaw, who was a perfect fit on lead guitar. Curry Weber & Ples Hamton, our engineers, were extremely well versed in all things Sun Studios, as their day gig is guiding tours to the ones making the journey to such hallowed ground.

The next project is the long awaited(by me, anyway) EP

Bad Luck Charm

which is Have Nots bass player and producer Bob Williams' last recorded work with the band.

Bob, a super close friend for over 40 years passed suddenly after recently being diagnosed with Leukemia, and it was a shock to everybody that knew him.

I'm charged with finishing our work and want to do it justice, and Bob was somewhat of a perfectionist in the studio, and demanded solid performances at every turn.

Honestly, I couldn't approach the material for some time because it was just saddening to be in a place where one of your best friends, that believed in you, was no longer there.

Finally though, I'll be getting to this before long, and with the help of a great local studio, be able to get this out for you all to have a listen.

Until then, stay safe, and take care of each other!


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